Sunday, September 03, 2006

Restaurant Review -

Truly unique restaurant concepts are few and far between on our homogenous dining scene, but Table for 20 attains this illusive goal with their "'hood dinners". Based on the guerrilla-dining concept (where underground restaurants operate out of private homes, spreading the word via text messaging), Table for 20 is designed to feel like an intimate extension of owner Michael Fantuz's home.

Diners text Fantuz (0416096916) to book their place at the communal table - kind of like an RSVP to a universal invite - arriving with bottle in hand by around 7.30pm. The tone is that of a private dinner party (albeit a very large one, including strangers as well as friends) and the homely space and the serving of the food on large platters help to facilitate this mood.

Unlike most dinners at a mate's place, there's naturally a cost involved; however, a portion of this goes to the Hope Street charity - adding a virtuous feel-good vibe to proceedings. In a city adept at sitting at communal tables without making eye contact, Table for 20 aims to bring a bit of sociability to an arguably antisocial neighbourhood.

Shelley Tustin


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