Monday, October 13, 2014


Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

A quick update on happenings across all venues.

Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar

1. Apologies for our blog being down... we are not sure why... perhaps google, hackers etc... we hope to have it rectified ASAP

2. Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar is fast approach combined 8 years of proudly serving you at our tables and in our bar for so many wonderful times. We thank you

3. Time Out Magazine after 10 months have yet to apologise or make good with us the miss print in January that we are closed. Not True sorry to all of you who read amateur publications like that especially when they can't get their facts correct.

4. We are hoping to lock down soon our arrangement as a corporate sponsor with the Stillborn foundation of Australia, where 5% of our per head dinners will flow through to their much needed research.

5. Be quick for all of your end of year festivities as we are almost fully committed with dinner bookings and events. 0416 096 916 for more info

6. Buffalo Dining Club is in to its 3rd year and the mozzarella keeps on flowing clocking almost over 9 tonne sold!

7. Chester White Cured Dinner has just turned 1 and our curing expertise continues to get better as our 3rd little baby keeps growing in Potts Point.

8. 2 new babies on the the Horizon... so stay tuned

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Doesn't happen often... but when we do...worth it!

Tiganello....Solaia and more....

4 course...8 wines and the presence of Jacopo Pandolfini.

Promising to be a top night.

Some of Italy's best

0416096916 for a seat.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Open Seats and 2014/2015 happenings!

Quick Note ALL SEATS THIS THURSDAY $50 HURRY 0416096916



In January this year "Time Out" Magazine for some reason printed that we were closing. Not sure sure where these people get their information from? in any case we sometimes in life deal with amateurs. We have attempted on many occasions to make contact and have a correction posted but for some reason... this is taking forever.

So for the record we are not closing or moving and should we you will be the first to know. This i promise. In November 2013 the building was sold but we have remained and look to have our future secure for a long time.

This is fact from the horses mouth. 

TIP. In life want the question answered go to the source!

2014-2015 happenings, events and pricing.

Tablefor20 Wednesday, Thursday $59pp 3 course BYO Vino
                   Friday, Saturday,Sunday $79pp 3 course BYO Vino Lunch and dinner

Always live music, limoncello free hugs and good times.

Stay tuned for Sticky Bar brunch society on Sunday's....

Sticky Bar

Open wednesday to Saturday from 6pm.
$15 Roast every Wednesday.
Vintages wines by the Glass Thursday's...
Private space, groups and more....

Always live music.

Sticky Bar cocktail masterclasses each day from 430pm

Functions, private events and more... 0416096916.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Great to be back and apologies for not updating..

Good afternoon all,

I start with the news that we will be contributing money from our dinners at Tablefor20 to the Stillborn foundation of Australia. The final details of this will be posted soon.

In my absence a lot has been happening. In keeping with our tradition the August Special is released for this Wednesday and Thursday. Dinner at Tablefor20 only $50, BYO wine and live music. Be quick as seat will not last. 0416 096 916 for a seat, hurry we would love to have you at the tables with us.

August special only $50 for dinner 0416 096 916 for a seat. Wed & Thu 27th & 28th


Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Long weekend fit for a Queen!

Ladies and gentlemen,

The special long weekend is on! Dinner at Tablefor20 Only $60pp. Be quick 0416096916 for a seat.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May Special and News...

The May Special is on at Tablefor20. May 7&9 are our special dinner offerings for May, Only $50 for our 3 course meal & limoncello. 0416096916 for a seat... Be quick!

Again we thanks you for all your support over the last 7 years. Some of you may have read we are closed or closing. This was from TIME OUT magazine printing something without checking with us first.

Obviously it is NOT TRUE. So don't hesitate to still visit us should you want to jump in at the table or just for cocktails and live music.

Here is our Autumn offering... New pricing starting July 1.

Tablefor20 dinner

Wednesday to Saturday
Wednesday $50 midweek special
Thursday to Sat $75pp

BYO wine only

Sticky Bar

Wednesday to Saturday 6pm to Late
Wednesday roast as always $15 with vino
Thursday Fresh cooked paella and sangria $15
Friday Saturday the usual antics!

Live music every night, both spaces

Private bookings available, weddings and more.

For more get me on 0416096916

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Family!

Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen,

Time to thank all of you again for all your support over the last 7 years.  We also send out a big thank you for supporting our babies Buffalo Dining Club and Chester White.

As our family grows we love nothing more than to grow with you. Grazie!

Some additions to note this year are as follows

Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar

Dinner Wednesday to Saturday.
Private event availability Sunday to Tuesday

0416 096 916 for a seat

Sticky Bar
cocktails and dreams Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm
Cocktail masterclasses available each day

0416 096 916 for a spot


Any of you who may have read we had closed this year on January 29 publicised by Time Out Magazine is not true. It was wording written by them without checking with us. The building we operate from was sold but we are still trading and intend to keep trading. Apologies for their poor communication.

Any general inquires please contact us on 0416 096 916

Happy weekend