Monday, January 14, 2008

Sticky Bar is Open upstairs at Tablefor20

Sticky Bar has officially opened upstairs at Tablefor20 [182 Campbell St].

We do a limited range of great wines, Italian beers but our specialty is the sticky. A little low key after hours goodness to wipe off the day.

You'll find the boys upstairs running the place, Sticky is their gig and if it's too early for a sticky, they're masters at mixing cocktails. Just tell them what sort of drink you feel like and let them do their thing.

You don't need to eat at Tablefor20 to come, we're open from 6.30pm onwards so feel free to come straight up anytime or if you're eating downstairs, come up for a drink after dinner.

The bar is above Tablefor 20 and the entrance to Sticky Bar is via Taggarts Lane, off Crown St, in Surry Hills. Come round the back and look for the number to call us & then go into the elevator and press 6 or up the stairs.


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