Monday, October 13, 2014


Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

A quick update on happenings across all venues.

Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar

1. Apologies for our blog being down... we are not sure why... perhaps google, hackers etc... we hope to have it rectified ASAP

2. Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar is fast approach combined 8 years of proudly serving you at our tables and in our bar for so many wonderful times. We thank you

3. Time Out Magazine after 10 months have yet to apologise or make good with us the miss print in January that we are closed. Not True sorry to all of you who read amateur publications like that especially when they can't get their facts correct.

4. We are hoping to lock down soon our arrangement as a corporate sponsor with the Stillborn foundation of Australia, where 5% of our per head dinners will flow through to their much needed research.

5. Be quick for all of your end of year festivities as we are almost fully committed with dinner bookings and events. 0416 096 916 for more info

6. Buffalo Dining Club is in to its 3rd year and the mozzarella keeps on flowing clocking almost over 9 tonne sold!

7. Chester White Cured Dinner has just turned 1 and our curing expertise continues to get better as our 3rd little baby keeps growing in Potts Point.

8. 2 new babies on the the Horizon... so stay tuned


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