Friday, September 28, 2012

Apologies all around...

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I wish to apologise in advance for the slackness in making posts, however it is all for the greater cause. For the second time this year i have ventured over to Italy & Spain to further my knowledge on products and to continue to develop my relationships with suppliers of great meats, cheeses & wine and some other bits also.

Please stay tuned for pics from the journey. This visit i was able to take my partners with whom i started the Buffalo Dining Club with so together we could also develop some new things to introduce to all of us back home in Sydney.

On another note tomorrow night Saturday 29th we have had some last minute seats become available, as policy stands we never charge full price for these seats. $60 for the 3 course meal, BYO wine & Live music. 

Phone us on 0416 096 916 for a seat

Buon divertimento!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Apologies been away.....

Ladies & gentlemen,

good evening and apologies for such a long period between words, of drinks or whatever you like..

Some number for you to think about...

We are approaching almost 6.5 years since Tablefor20 opened its door as an experiment. Almost 130,000 shared meals served.
6 years since Sticky Bar opened its doors with over 200,000 cocktails made almost 1000 invented by us and counting.

14 of the best team to be loyal and believing of the philosophy & culture of warm, genuine hospitality.
Almost 600k contributed to the hard working Hope Street Mission.

Thank you everyone.... seriously!

A new chapter started this year with The Buffalo Dining Club, my little mozzarella come wine bar that i started with the talented Marcelo & Pete formally of Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar, together the number grow and so does my extended family.

Almost 2 Tonne of fresh mozzarella & counting... only the best will do.

thank you again.... seriously.

Remember we are happy to look after to you anytime, just join us in the right spirit.

0416 096 916 for inquiries at any of our homes....

Our Spring 6 year birthday party is set to go, details to be revealed in the next month with a taste of what is to come this summer....