Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Big Thank You....

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thank you all so much for your patronage, support and Interest over the past 4 years at Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar. In trying to keep up with being as hospitable as possible to you we are advising we are at capacity with Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar bookings. There are always openings, changes and cancellations so we are happy to contact you if you leave us your details for any future cancellation's or openings. Bookings for both areas will open for 2011 on November 1st.



Blogger Sarah Allen said...

Hey guys n gals,
does this mean u r at capacity for event bookings, table bookings, or both? I must admit nov 2011 seems a long way off.
Cheers, Sarah

9:39 AM  

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