Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Is Here....

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I start by wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and wishing you a safe time with family and friends.

We at Tablefor20 & Sticky Bar are looking forward to you joining us for some new treats in 2011. Every Wednesday at Tablefor20 starting 2011 we will be offering the $50 midweek supper with a twist. Dinner must be enjoyed with your choice of my Godfathers wine. White or Red with Antipasto and 2 course dinner. Wednesdays Only from 8pm. Book in and join in with your friends or join in with new ones. My Godfather has been producing some of NSW finest Pinot Noir since 1998. So get amongst it. Mangiare e bere! It's good for you.

2011 will see some new and some old happenings at Sticky Bar. The Wednesday $15 Roast is still on with changing roast every week from 6 to 9pm.

Thursdays Starting February 24 will see the Sticky Bar Crew knock out "Pisco & Paella" $20 Zinging Pisco and a dish of Paella. How civil! 6pm-9pm

Friday's Aperitivo from 6 to 9pm see's the true Italian after work special, free bites with every drink purchase. Come see how we live in true Venetian Style.

Stay tuned for Sticky Bar tastings in 2011 to follow soon....... In the meantime come up and enjoy some of our "Summer Jugs" the best thing to share with friends.

Live Music every night from 8pm. Standard.

Buon Natale!!!



Anonymous Meghann Foye said...

Hi Michael!

I apologize for the open comment, but couldn't find an email!

I am a reporter working on a story for a U.S. publication on Sydney's new Small Bar culture. I was just there in March and got to sample "small bar culture" myself with a visit to a few bars in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills—It's really great that the city is supporting the growth of quirky small bars! I would love to include Sticky Bar in the story.

The story is due Friday, so I would love to speak with you by Skype (MeghannFoye) any day this week, or if you wouldn't mind answering some questions by email, I would greatly appreciate it! If you don't mind messaging me, I'll send you my email!


1:47 PM  

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